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Solidarity Project

¡Thank you! Homiiies

In our commitment to the personal development of young people Homiii donates every month part of your rent to the foundation Balia and Profuturo, nonprofit organizations that fight, through education, against child poverty in Spain and Africa.

Foundation that since 2001 fights against child poverty in Spain through education. Foundation that helps children in Spain by offering tutoring, psychological support and help adapting to the environment so they can get ahead by themselves.
sponsors the classroom Aula Balia Tetuán Pío XII, a social and pedagogical project for children in the second cycle of Infant Education between 3 and 6 years of age who are at risk of exclusion marked by family, school or social-emotional factors.

A foundation committed to bringing education to children in vulnerable environments, it has already benefited nearly 5.8 million children in 23 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia.
sponsors the training of 20 students selected from the best schools in Malanje (Angola) with the aim of improving their motivation and self-esteem.
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