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Who we are

Homiii is made up of a young and multidisciplinary team that aims to ensure the quality of the accommodation and offer the best service, both to owners and to the Homiii Community.

Born in 2016, Homiii was the first Coliving that was able to identify the need to professionalize this service, as students and young professionals demanded. Coliving is a new way of life, so our mission is to provide our clients with an unforgettable living experience, as well as ensure a return for those who make our work possible.

Homiii comes from the word “Home” and the three iii’s that make up our focus areas: iStudy, iLife & iWork. Being part of the Homiii Community means developing professionally, living new experiences, and also training in the academic field. Our aim is to contribute and to ensure that the months spent with us leave a lasting impression.

In addition, we have a network of Homiii Ambassadors who welcome each of our clients in their accommodation to give them all the necessary information and help them integrate into their new home.

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