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Be part of the Homiii Community

A Community that shares illusions, dreams and experiences. A Community that takes advantage of their stay at Homiii to develop professionally, and that thanks to their Coliving experience creates a great family. It’s time to live the best experience of your life!

Who are the members of the Homiii Community?

The Homiii Community is made up of students and young professionals aged between 18 and 33. 80% of the Homiiiies are of international origin, so living in Homiii will allow you to meet people from many parts of the world, get to know new cultures and languages.

We organize all kinds of events and activities so that you can enjoy your experience to the fullest, and we can be part of it. It can be sports activities, guided tours to get to know Madrid, parties with an open bar, networking events, group trips, etc.

At Homiii we value the experience over the property, that’s why our homiiies choose us. For the experience of living with us.

People that makes up the Homiii Community
Rooms in management
Monthly events and activities (travel, culture, sports, nightlife)

How do I know who I am going to live with?

You will be able to find out who your roommates will be once you register on the Homiii website and become a user. Each user must complete their profile, so if they have booked with us, their profile will appear on the property page in the “Roommates” section. You will be able to know their nationality, age, sex, and whether they study or work, even before you make the booking process.

We know that it is very important for you to know the profile of the people who live in the house you like, and that it is a very important factor that influences the decision-making process. Our aim is that you are as comfortable as possible in the house and that you live with people who have similar interests.

What do homiiies say about us?

We constantly ask the Homiii Community for feedback on how they are living their experience with us. We want them to live their experience in Madrid to the fullest, and to do that we have to provide them with quality service and attention. No one is better than them in determining the degree of satisfaction they have with us. Please take a look at the following video and let them tell you about it!