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Homiiies´s entrepreneurial spirit takes them to GoYouth17


A motivational event for young entrepreneurs attended by the winners of the raffle for five double tickets. Among them was Francesco Pio Liscio (Ramón Gómez de la Serna) and Andrea Pietrocola (Vallehermoso), who pointed out that “when you start living in a new city where you don’t know anyone, it is important to get involved in activities like this”.

After the event, we were able to meet speakers from well-known brands such as Facebook, Reddit, Bla Bla Car or La Nevera Roja. For example, Nicoló (Don Ramón de la Cruz) met the Head of Marketing at Facebook in Southern Europe, Antoine Benjamin. “It has been a very interesting event that has helped me to pick up ideas now that I have to do my final project at college.”

October 19 th – 20 th, 2017

Homiii welcomes the student year!


We have accompanied our clients Pablo and Gabriela to immerse ourselves in the university spirit by welcoming the student year at Welcome Student Day. An authentic crossroads of cultures where young people could get to know first-handed the advantages of studying in Spain.

October 6 th, 2017

Homiii’s feedback

Homiiis visited #SouthSummit17!


We have accompanied our Homiiie Carlos (Francisco Silvela) to enjoy the environment of entrepreneurs and creators of ideas that could live in the South. Carlos valued the possibility of going to this event as “positive”, highlighting the “closeness and timeliness of the topics discussed” thanking us for our initiative and involving them in this kind of events.

October 4 th – 6 th, 2017