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Homiiies Marta Regojo and Susana Carrascal have enjoyed the magic of the musical The Lion King on Gran Vía in Madrid. Enchanted by winning this prize, they only needed to participate in one of our poll quizze to see one of the best musical shows in Spain.

Soon there will be new challenges and more activities…. Our homiiies don’t stop… and we love that!

APRIL 29TH, 2018

Social project in Angola!

Homiii launches ‘1€ of future’: A social project from young people for young people. Along with Profuturo Foundation, we will collaborate in an educational project in Luena (Angola) helping to improve children and teen education in Africa.

We and the Homiii community are privileged. That is why we have set out to promote these values in our students and young professionals as well.

Homiii’s feedback

Madrid, from a runner view!

Our #Homiiie Angel ran the Madrid Half Marathon and hit the streets of the capital only with a pair of sneakers and a Homiii t-shirt. The event, sponsored by PROFUTURO Foundation, brought together over 20.000 runners.

Angel said at the finish line that he ‘took it a easy, however, his race timing had remind us of that child who always said at school that his test was awful and he always get an A+ 🙂

April 9th, 2018

¡We have enjoyed Angel Martin´s new show!


Laura (Don Ramón de la Cruz) won the raffle for the tickets to see the premiere of Angel Martín’s new show live last December 2th. Her friends Blanca (IES Cristóbal Lozano) and Lucía (Antonio de Nebrija) enjoyed the comedian’s irreverent jokes, also spending a very pleasant time in the centre of Madrid.

December 2 nd, 2017

Our Homiiies premiered Wanda Metropolitano!


Victorina (Jorge Juan) was joined by her friends Rani, Leonoor and Marilina (CEU San Pablo) on November 29th at Wanda Metropolitano, the new Atlético de Madrid stadium. On that cold winter night, they were able to enjoy the environment of the red-and-white team’s new home in the match of Copa del Rey against Elche CF. Victorina pointed out after the game that “it has been a great experience” and thanked Homiii for the opportunity.

November 29 th, 2017

At Homiii, we are very runners…!


At Homiii we have invited our most athletic clients to enjoy running by participating in Ponle Freno race. Eleonore Mourre (Conde de Romanones) went to the Plaza de Colón with his friend Antoine to run the 10 kilometre route. “The race was great, with lots of people and a very simple organization. I think it’s great that Homiii has done this initiative for us.”, Eleonore said.

November 26 th, 2017

Homiiies like music… Jamiroquai´s good music!


Several of our clients have been able to enjoy the lyrics of ‘Virtual Insanity, Space Cowboy or Cosmic Girl’ played by Jamiroquai during his visit to Spain. Ali Cherradi (Francisco Silvela) with his friend Youness (student of Universidad Politécnica) and Vittoria, with Alexander (Vallehermoso) had an incredible time at the Wizink Center with the British band.

November 25 th, 2017

¡… and football lovers!


Homiii has organized a friendly football match so that our customers could enjoy an afternoon of sunshine, sports and teamwork, promoting healthy competitive spirit and camaraderie. The final result? A wonderful evening with friends. Up with the Homiiies!

October 14 th, 2017

We´ve enjoyed Santiago Bernabéu Tour!


Valentina Garbin (Aviación Española), with her friend Francesca Clemente, enjoyed the Tour of the Real Madrid Stadium as the winner of the raffle of two tickets by answering our survey of quality and preferences. “It was incredible! I’m new to Madrid, so I haven’t seen it before. I want to thank Homiii for this opportunity.”

October 8 th, 2017

What a great experience of the Homiiies at the Bernabeu!


We have been in the Santiago Bernabéu with the full stands cheering Cristiano Ronaldo, Modric, Marcelo or Sergio Ramos. With Homiii, our Community has experienced first-handed one of the most important sports events that can be enjoyed in Spain.

September 13 th, 2017